Why are Standards and Conformities important?

Standards and conformities are important to ensure that products, services and workplaces operate in a safe, quality and consistent manner. They also play an important role in many areas such as customer satisfaction, product and service quality, environmental sustainability, occupational health and safety and the general well-being of society.

Especially for industrial workplaces, conformity and standards are critical for the health and safety of employees. Using products designed and tested in accordance with the right standards helps prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

In addition, conformity and standards help businesses fulfil legal requirements and enable them to fulfil their legal responsibilities. It also helps products and services to be accepted in international markets and gain competitive advantage.

As a result, conformity and standards ensure the quality and safety of products and services, fulfil legal requirements and provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

Why are certifications by independent bodies important?

Certifications from independent organisations are important to verify that products or services conform to a specific standard or requirement. These certifications are reliable because they are independently verified and demonstrate that products or services meet a specific standard.

Certifications ensure customer satisfaction by improving the quality, safety and performance of products. A certification mark indicates that a product conforms to a specific standard before it is offered to customers.

In addition, certifications of independent organisations help products to be accepted and exported in international markets. Because in international markets, products must comply with certain standards, certifications help to fulfil this requirement.

As a result, certifications of independent organisations The bee ensures customer satisfaction by improving the quality, safety and performance of products, helping to make them accepted in international markets.



Why is TÜV NORD certification important?

TÜV NORD is a worldwide organisation that issues certifications according to international standards to verify the quality, safety and environmental compliance of products, services and businesses. These certifications provide independent verification of the quality and safety of products and services. TÜV NORD certification also helps products and services to be recognised in international markets and to verify the quality, safety and environmental compliance of businesses. For these reasons, TÜV NORD certification is an important verification and differentiation tool for products, services and businesses.

Why are TÜV NORD certified products important?

TÜV NORD certified products demonstrate compliance with independently verified quality and safety standards. TÜV NORD certification improves the quality and safety of products and services, ensures customer satisfaction and offers businesses reliability and transparency. As a result, TÜV NORD-certified products stand out as a safer, high-quality and differentiating option for customers.

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PAS 13

PAS 13

PAS 13:2017 What is the pendulum test?

What is the code of practice for safety barriers used in traffic management in workplace environments with test methods for safety barrier impact durability?

PAS 13:2017 is a code of practice published by the British Standards Institute (BSI) that provides guidelines for the selection, installation and use of safety barriers in workplace environments where there is a risk of collision between vehicles and pedestrians or other vehicles. The code of practice covers a wide range of workplace environments including factories, warehouses, car parks and construction sites.

The aim of PAS 13:2017 is to improve safety in the workplace by providing guidance on the appropriate use of safety barriers such as guardrails, bollards and crash barriers. The code of practice includes information on risk assessment, barrier design, installation, maintenance and testing.

In addition to the guidelines, PAS 13:2017 also provides test methods for measuring the impact resistance of safety barriers. These tests are designed to ensure that barriers can withstand the impact of a vehicle without causing harm to the driver, passengers or pedestrians. Test methods include impact tests, deflection tests and penetration tests.

Overall, PAS 13:2017 is a valuable resource for organisations that need to manage traffic in workplace environments and want to ensure the safety of their employees, visitors and assets.

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is a standard that helps an organisation design, implement and maintain its quality management process in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. ISO 9001:2015 specifies the basic requirements for a quality management system and enables an organisation to use a quality management system to improve customer satisfaction, make its processes more efficient and reduce errors.

ISO 9001:2015 sets out specific requirements for an organisations quality management system and oversees the implementation and maintenance of these requirements. These requirements include elements such as quality policy, quality objectives, process management, performance assessment, resource management, document management and continuous improvement.

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The REACH SVHC (Candidate List for Candidate Evaluation) test is a test to determine the potential risks of chemical substances to human health and the environment. This test is carried out in accordance with the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation enacted by the European Union (EU).

REACH SVHC testing is performed to detect the presence of chemical substances on the nomination list. This nomination list includes chemical substances with potential risks to human health or the environment. The test consists of a series of tests to assess the properties of chemical substances and the results are used to determine the potential risks of the chemical substance to human health and the environment.

REACH SVHC testing helps to identify risks that may occur during the use of chemical substances. These test results are used to assess the effects of chemical substances on human health and the environment. Therefore, REACH SVHC testing is important to fulfil the regulatory requirements for the use of chemical substances and helps to reduce the potential risks of chemical substances to human health and the environment.

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This video shows a test in which a flexible barrier and a steel barrier compete. During the test, both barriers are used to reduce and contain the impact of a high-speed vehicle. The video tests the performance and durability of both barriers so that viewers can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each barrier.



This video shows the impact test of our new generation flexible barriers. Raysan products are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our barriers are an innovative product that allows vehicles to slow down and steer safely in the event of a collision. Our barrier flexes during a collision, reducing vehicle damage and reducing the risk of injury to occupants.



Raysan Barrier Engineers calculate the plastic shape change limit of the environment according to carrier equipment type, weight and operating speed parameters. Raysan Flexible Barriers resist all impacts.The Plastic shape returns to its original shape over and over after the impacts of the different weights and speed below the endurance limit.

Raysan barrier systems protects not only the area and the staff but also the vehicle that impacts. It is stimulating by its self-colored construction and it does not require paint, maintenance even after repeated impacts

  • 100% Recycle
  • Maintenance Free
  • Economic
  • Hygienic
  • UV Ray Resistance
  • Flexible
  • Superior Impact Resistance
  • Fast & Easy to Demount
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Modular Desing
  • Longevity
  • Easy to Carry




Our customers are the foundation of our business and we are proud to collaborate with them! We keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with the superior services and solutions we offer. Here are some of our customers experiences:

Dr Oetker


Our company offers a section answering frequently asked questions to help our customers with flexible barrier systems, products and many other issues. Our aim is to understand the demands and needs of our customers and work together to provide them with effective solutions. By answering questions about flexible barriers, we are answering questions from our customers or prospective customers. You can find out more about flexible barriers by analysing the questions below.

Raysan Flexible Barrier and Impact Protection Systems have been subjected to various crash tests for the most difficult conditions and equipment and the results have been analysed with precision. According to the results obtained, it is much more reliable than metal competitors of the same cross-section.

Permanent deformation due to impact in Raysan Flexible Barrier is very low probability compared to metal equivalents. Therefore, it has a much longer life. It does not require any maintenance and repair. Even in case of permanent damage as a result of very severe impacts, instead of replacing the entire product, the damaged part of the product can be replaced very easily and the product can be returned to its original condition. For these reasons, it provides cost advantage to businesses.

Raysan Barrier is the ONLY domestic flexible barrier manufacturer in our country and all of its products are 100% manufactured in Turkey and exported to the world.

Raysan Flexible Barrier Metal is assembled much faster and easier than its competitors. 2 personnel can assemble 80-100m barrier in a shift. This time may increase or decrease according to the barrier type.

Raysan metal can produce much faster than its competitors and can assemble much faster.

Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems is a company that produces special solutions and products for each company, so firstly, your needs and dimensions are determined by making an exploration in your company. In this way, you are served with tailor-made precision, completely special and fully compatible products for your facility.

Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems are produced with the principle of RESPECT FOR OUR TOMORROW by choosing 0 carbon emission and 100% recyclable materials.

Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems have been found suitable for direct contact with food as a result of the relevant laboratory tests conducted by TSE.

Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems are characterised as highly resistant to chemical contact as a result of the relevant laboratory tests conducted by TSE.

Raysan Flexible Barrier has easy assembly feature. Anyone with assembly tools and experience can easily assemble it thanks to the assembly guides to be allocated by us.

Thanks to its polymer structure, Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems will not be affected by UV rays or moisture, will not rust or corrode. In case of collisions, the self-coloured polymer material will stretch and return to its original state, and will not require paint and maintenance in case of potential scratches and deformation.

It is possible to easily move your Raysan Flexible Barrier wherever you want at any time depending on the change of your needs.

Even if your Raysan Flexible Barrier is scratched, thanks to its self-coloured structure, it will not change colour and will not require paint.

When Raysan Flexible Barrier breaks, you can only re-supply the broken profile regardless of its size and replace the broken part with the new spare part in maximum 15 minutes.

Raysan has produced a solution for areas that need to be opened and closed to traffic quickly thanks to the Slider Plate option. You can remove and reinstall your flexible barrier in seconds.

Raysan Flexible Barrier has the ability to attract attention and create awareness with its self-coloured texture. Positive effects on employee behaviour have been observed in most of the companies where it is applied.

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