Traffic and Safety Barriers

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1R Flexible Barriers

Traffic and Safety Barriers

Flexible barrier products designed by our engineers to protect both your production equipment and your staff in the new generation occupational health and safety systems, designed in accordance with the needs of the era.

There are products that different sectors need for different occupational safety, while the flexible barrier offers products suitable for almost all sectors. Models of different types and diameters for their needs, with a 1R barrier with a height limit to protect low-rise equipment and shelf ends.

With the different models of the 1R barrier designed for the ground and a little above, you can reach a height of 1 meter and provide pedestrian discomfort. The basic protection point remains at the ground and slightly above.

Our Sectoral Solutions

Our Flexible Barrier Systems Solutions For Every Industry. Engineering work for each product is done for a specific purpose. The technical details for our products are available on the product pages.