Logistics And Storage Industry

With flexible barriers, you can take precautions against adverse situations that may occur inside and outside the buildings where warehouses and logistics centers operate. Heavy loads and materials used in transportation and logistics activities can pose risks for both pedestrians and areas. These risks may occur during loading, use of vehicles or storage. Raysan Barrier offers products that provide the highest protection for the safety of pedestrians, vehicles and areas. Our sectoral experience shows us that every project is special and you need to work on it meticulously. That's why we choose the product with great care and make special calculations to meet the needs.

Logistics And Storage Industry

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Flexible Barrier Systems. Product Groups That We Can Implement In Your Projects. Engineering work for each product is done for a specific purpose. The technical details for our products are available on the product pages.

Logistics And Storage Industry

Protect Shelves

Using flexible barriers to protect shelving in a warehouse reduces the risk of impact, damage and tipping of shelving. Flexible barriers can flex back to their original shape upon impact, providing a safe working environment for people working alongside the shelves. In addition, flexible barriers are generally more economical and easier to install than other protection systems.

  • Flexible barriers can absorb collisions and prevent damage. This increases the safety of vehicles and employees inside the warehouse.
  • The flexible barriers can be easily assembled and disassembled, so they can be easily moved when shelving and storage space needs to be reorganised.
  • Flexible barriers are long lasting and high strength. This means that warehouse owners will not need to frequently replace or repair damaged barriers.
  • Flexible barriers do not require regular maintenance. To clean them, simply use a cloth and a mild cleaner.
Logistics And Storage Industry

Protect Columns and Walls

Using flexible barriers to protect columns and walls in a warehouse improves work safety and reduces the risk of damage. Flexible barriers can prevent serious damage and reduce the risk of injury to workers by reducing the impact of impact. Furthermore, the use of flexible barriers can reduce repair costs in case of damage to walls and columns. The advantages of flexible barriers include quick and easy installation, various size options, low cost, long life and durability.

  • Flexible barriers prevent forklift trucks, palletised vehicles or other moving equipment from hitting columns and walls. This prevents damage to columns and walls and reduces costs for the business in the long term.
  • Flexible barriers can prevent possible injuries in the event of an accident. Protecting columns and walls with an impact-resistant barrier increases the safety of employees.
  • Thanks to their easy-to-install modular structure, flexible barriers can be quickly installed and easily transported when necessary.
  • Thanks to their durable construction, flexible barriers have a long service life and are maintenance-free. This reduces the maintenance costs of the business.
  • Flexible barriers are usually made of recyclable materials and are therefore environmentally friendly.
Logistics And Storage Industry

Protect Vehicle Loading Docks

The use of flexible barriers is also recommended in this area. Flexible barriers can be placed around the perimeter of the loading ramps to prevent vehicles from unintentionally leaving the ramp. In this way, both work safety can be increased and vehicles and loading ramps are protected from damage. In addition, thanks to their durability, which is one of the advantages of flexible barriers, they are not affected by collisions and impacts that may occur due to frequent loading and can be used for a long time.

  • Vehicle loading ramps are an area with heavy traffic and frequent accidents. Flexible barriers prevent collisions and prevent vehicles from damaging the ramp.
  • Increases safety for personnel working on vehicle loading ramps. Flexible barriers prevent employees from being injured by vehicles hitting the ramp.
  • Flexible barriers are cost-effective due to the easy replacement of damaged parts. Unlike fixed barriers, it is possible to repair damaged flexible barrier parts by replacing them.
Logistics And Storage Industry

Protect Sectional Doors

The protection of functional doors in a warehouse is important for both people and equipment. Flexible barriers can be placed around the perimeter of the doors to protect them from bumps, scratches or damage. In addition, the use of flexible barriers increases the safety of personnel working close to the doors.

  • Protects the doors against impacts and scratches.
  • Ensures the safety of employees.
  • Barriers are flexible and can be restored after impacts.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Easily installed and replaceable.